Pakistan Peshawar Large Rug 8'4X9'9

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Antique Oushak and Peshawar Rugs:

A Guide


If there's two styles that stand out among the many Oriental rugs across the globe, it's Oushak and Peshawar. While no two Oriental rugs are ever the same, the qualities the Oushak and Peshawar share are similar; in turn, this likeness incites the mutual attraction toward both brands.

So what is it that makes an Oushak and Peshawar rug so popular?

  • Fine presentation
  • "Mute Colors"
  • Smart usage of space
  • "Unique among the unique"

One thing is for certain: their fine presentation of detail, quality, and fine design. The motifs accented across each rug are thorough. These motifs are so accented that it makes it easy to differentiate each from any other option on the market.

Aside from a high quality craft, another trait has thrust these two beauties into the spotlight: muted colors. A common aspect shared across all Oriental rugs are their clever usage of colors. The Oushak and Peshawar are no different, yet their approach is unique--rather than bright? To mute color means to present it but in a sealed fashion. In other words, every Oushak and Peshawar rug has a myriad of colors, but they're given a light tone that cannot be reciprocated.

Visualize a gorgeous Oushak set upon your bedroom floor. Your dark tones walls, brown furniture and colorized decor contrast well with the rug's muted hues. On the contrary, imagine a Peshawar in this state. See a vision of it set in your bedroom paired with white walls, white sheets and an overall lighter theme. This is the luxury you can expect from an Oushak or Peshawar--"unique among the unique". Whether you're seeking something to offer a contrast or synchronization with your setting, an Oushak or Peshwar can nestle in nicely regardless of the scenario. 

The Oushak and Peshawar are two fine selections among our many quality carpets. The Oushak rugs for sale and Peshawar rugs for sale across our selection can stand in any household effortlessly.

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