Vintage Persian Rugs:

A Guide


Persian Rugs are the essence of sophistication and showcases the Persian artistry and culture. With their excellent craftsmanship, marvelous sense of colors and unique approach to design, Persian carpets have managed to inspire artisans all over the world. Oriental rugs are an excellent addition to your bedroom, living room and any sort of corner that you'd like to highlight in your home. What is unique about purchasing these handmade rugs is that their value increases over time. So if you think you're just purchasing one just for the sake of the interior design, then you're wrong. Like a fine wine, the true value of a handmade rug depends on its upcoming years. They come in a variety of designs which enables buyers to choose the ones they feel are most suitable for their household. These designs include geometric patterns, medallions, floral motifs, pictorial scenes etc.

When you purchase a Persian rug, you inherit the following:

  • Rich presentation
  • Deep history bathed in tradition
  • Incredible craft
  • Magnificent in every aspect


Specifics, Examples


For example, Heriz rugs involve such geometric patterns with bold medallions in its center. Persian Hamadan Rugs uses a multi-colored knot technique and is a 100% hand knotted Persian beauty. The authentic Tabriz rugs are real keeps with their colors ranging from red, blue, ivory, green and beige. Their prices can range from $5,600 - $15,600 depending on the designs and fabrics used.

Persian rugs are unbeatable in terms of unique presentation. They are considered to be a timeless and classic beauty that enhances any household's interiors. These carpets have been a top choice of royals for centuries and were considered to be an important part of royal culture and value. The warm colors, elegant botanical figures and sophisticated embellishments combine to form a natural aesthetic appeal. Today, the Persian carpets are prized for their stability, luxurious textures, and magnificent blend of colors and help to flaunt your taste in style as well as enhance the home's interior beauty.

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