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Tribal rugs are a broad term like Oriental or Persian rugs. It's a label that houses a number of different styles under its title. Many Oriental or Persian rugs even find themselves under the label of Tribal due to the nomadic influences of exotic carpets. For instance, the Hamadan, Bukhara, Bijar, Gabbeh, Kazak, and other popular rugs are Tribal.

So, what exactly makes a rug Tribal? Like any carpet among our selection, the defining feature draws from its desig. Tribal rugs feature simple geometric designs that adorn the carpet's surface area through and through. Have you ever heard the term "less is more"? For the flashy designs Oriental and Persian rugs normally incorporate, Tribal rugs take a different approach to still provide an artistic and one of a kind product. Through a Tribal rug's straightforward approach, the carpets belonging to its label are able to adapt into any environment, either blending in with the environment or drawing any of your guests' eyes toward its grandeur.

Tribal rugs are a fantastic style among the many rugs we have for your viewing pleasure. If you're seeking a simple yet bold approach to rug design, look no further than a fine Tribal rug.

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