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"Antique" is a word that can be applied to any Oriental rug, but there's a difference between "being" an antique and "resembling" an antique. 

The explanation for the above is rather straightforward. All Oriental rugs have an inherent antiquity appearance, but it takes time for them to become true antiques. The materials laced into an Oriental rug have two primary purposes: make the rug look one of a kind, and ensure their ability to last for generations. Every Oriental rug that has come into creation has embodied these qualities--they're a hallmark of what it means to be an Oriental rug. Furthermore, for an Oriental rug to gain age means an increase in value. As time passes, the dyes saturate giving the rug a bolder and aged appearance.

When you purchase an Oriental rug, you're purchasing an antique. These carpets are many things--centerpieces, finishes, artistic beauties. Among all else though, they are bastions of antiquity. In this selection, you'll find true antiques. These are rugs that have stood the test of time for at least 20 years and continue to flourish in their grandeur.

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