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The weavers in India have been making rugs for over hundreds of years now. It is not doubt that an Indian rug can add splendor and grace to any household. But, little do people know that it was due to the Persian migration that brought the Persian rug artistry to India. Though they have simplified to their own unique designs afterwards, but even to this day, the Persian designs are considered very important to the traditional rug makers. Such examples would be the Tabriz rug.

These carpets are inspired from ornamental patterns and have one of the most assorted designs. Similar Persian carpets include: Karshan and Serapi carpets. We propose a variety of ranges for our aspiring consumers to choose from. Whether it is the bold and beautiful Tabriz or the fierce and elegant Kashan, we sell a various range of designs for every client’s needs and preference. A typical Indo Kashan rug aged 10-20 years old of 4X6 can come at a retail price $1500 - $1800.

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