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Fine Serapi Oriental Rug 5'1X8'

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Serapi Oriental Area Rug 2'2X4'

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Serapi Oriental Area Rug 2'X4'

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$1,755.00 $495.95

Serapi Oriental Area Rug 2'1X2'11

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Serapi Oriental Rug 2'1X4'

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$1,530.00 $495.95

Fine Serapi Oriental Rug 2'1x4'1

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$1,956.99 $1,053.95

Serapi Oriental Rug 2'X3'1

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$1,162.50 $412.95

Serapi Oriental Area Rug 8'7X11'10

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$3,689.95 $2,688.95

Serapi Oriental Area Rug 8'8X12'

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$4,317.95 $3,317.95

Oriental Serapi Area Rug 8'8x11'11

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$3,624.95 $2,623.95

Serapi Area Rug 8'6X10'7

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$2,748.95 $2,348.95

Serapi Oriental Runner Rug 4'11x7'11

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$3,235.00 $1,485.95

Oriental Serapi Rug 7'9X9'9

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$6,200.00 $2,198.95


Antique Heriz and Serapi Rugs:

A Guide


Anything garners more value when it embodies something that flows far deeper than face value. For some items it's craft, while for others its versatility. Both of these avenues are applicable to a Persian rug, but for the Heriz and Serapi the perceived worth evolves into something greater: antiquity. 

When you purchase a Persian Heriz or Serapi rug, the following becomes yours:

  • Incomparable antiquity
  • Heirloom quality
  • Luscious, bold motifs
  • Bright, welcoming color


Heriz Takes The Spotlight


Persian Heriz rugs are rugs that originate from the area of Heris, situated in the East Azerbaijan in northwest Iran. These Persian rugs are extremely sturdy and long-lasting as they have the ability to last for generations. We believe in quality and therefore we bring you the most reliable and beautiful Heriz rugs. The toughness and endurance of Heriz carpets makes up for its price. Heriz rugs come in geometric, bold patterns with a large decoration surrounding the field. Such designs are traditional and cannot be duplicated easily as they are woven from memory.

Persian Heriz rugs have a way of bringing out the bold and daring side of any given room. Typically, designer Heriz rugs aging 20-40 Years old come in 8X10, ranging from $5,800 - $6,200 retail. What we’re offering here cannot get tied down with a price tag. What we’re offering is a value added product that will not only highlight your home’s interior, but also bring out its aesthetic exquisiteness for many years to come.


Serapi Takes The Stand


Since the 19th century the Serapi has been a sought after addition to every household. Like the Heriz, the Serapi is adorned in expansive line-work and unique hues. The general theme of a Serapi is bright, bold and thorough. Think of it this way: when you observe a Serapi, there's always going to be an aspect that draws in your gaze. 

Serapi rugs come in primarily larger sizes. The smallest size available for a Serapi is a 9x12, something that already covers a thorough area. The Serapi's sizes only grow larger from here as they trail all the way up to 12x18. It's intended for the Serapi to be a massive centerpiece regardless of where its adorned in your household. No matter where you place it, any house guest will be drawn toward its luxury.

Does this sound enticing to you? If so, then an Antique Heriz or Serapi rug might be just what you've been looking for!

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