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Whether they're grafted from a machine or tufted on a laced foundation, rugs come in all shapes and sizes. However, above all is an Oriental handmade rug--one that has been hand-knotted again, and again, and again over such a period of time that no two are ever the same.

A hand-knotted rug is the highest grade carpet you can find on the market. In case you were unaware, every Oriental rug--from Persian, to Indian, to Tribal, to any label under the Oriental rug name--is hand-knotted. Weaver spend months knotting every fiber, dyeing every thread, designing every inch of every single Oriental rug on the market. The process is arguous and requires incredible patience, but the end product is one unlike anything you've ever seen. This is a primary reason for the pursuit of an Oriental rug--their high grade class, nonreciprical style, and one of a kind composition. Because of the care and time poured into each and every Oriental rug, they're given an antiquity quality that cannot be reciprocated. These rugs are meant to look unique and last for generations.

Every Oriental rug we have in our stock in handmade knot for knot. We guarantee that no matter what style you purchase, you'll be impressed and filled with joy for the quality item you've just placed into your home.

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