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Oriental rugs carry certain finesse and when placed in a living room, it accentuates the interior's overall appeal. In a living room, a rug should be placed right at the centre under your coffee table with your preferred furniture and decors surrounding it. The overall design should be a uniform choice, so if you decide to put the front legs of your sofa rest on the area rug, the same should go for the couch and chairs as well. Typically, living area rugs are 6x9, 8x10, or 9x12, 10x14 feet. You can go for smaller ones too but large oriental rugs are more preferred for their aesthetic appeal.

In case of dining rooms, go for carpets that are larger than the size of your table as to prevent the chairs from rocking on an uneven surface. Hence wise, the area of the rug should be big enough to make up for the distance that will be needed when guests or anyone pushes the chair back to have a seat. The best solution to find the ideal size would be adding 36 inches to both the length and width of your area rugs. That way, you can be sure for the extra area needed.

Large area rugs tend to bring out certain innocence when added to bedrooms. Now, if you're planning on getting a large oriental rug for your bedroom to give your feet the justice of stepping on a soft surface every morning after you wake up, go for an area rug that broadens up to 20 to 30 inches beyond each side of the bed. Always consider any furniture or decorations that lie at the foot of the bed when determining the length of the rug. This is an essential part as you would need all the four legs either on or off the rug.

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