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In general, small area rugs are considered practical, as they provide comfort and warmth over a concrete, tile or wood floor. They also add artistic value to a room's design and acts as one of the key ingredients for the room’s overall aesthetic. Typically, these small wonders are 2X4, 3X5, and 4X6 feet. In case of bedroom rugs, these small carpets will be a perfect fit for both the desk and chair to create a warm space and allow you to feel comfortable. Bedroom rugs are mostly used to make the bed look like the central point of the bedroom. Kitchen Rugs however have other purposes to serve. If they are put in front of the sink or stove, it’ll help you ease pain in the feet, legs and back. However, in case of bath room rugs, it’s best to place a round rug if you have a large bathroom. Bathrooms are also a good place to experiment with colors, textures and patterns as these small oriental rugs leave a mark of sophistication and panache.

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