Among the Persian Rugs for sale, Bijar rugs are one of the most popular available. A Bijar has a rich cultural history with thorough artistic details baked into their crafting. For anyone looking for a rug possessing a rich amount of age old heritage and alluring design, a Bijar is the perfect choice for your rug purchasing needs!

History behind the Bijar Rugs


The Bijar rug adopts its namesake from the marketplace center Bijar in northwestern Iran. Bijar is a flat, dusty town whose artistic intellect and culture is clearly an influence on the region's grand antique rugs. More-so, Bijar is the center of a major weaving region, being a small city of just 20,000 at the turn of the century. These classic rugs are hand-knotted using nothing but 100 percent pure wool—the outcome is absolutely gorgeous when placed in an aesthetically appealing background. Bijar rugs go perfect with any given setting, especially the modern home or office, as they are considered to be the top choice for the living room, family room, or any formal room.

Design and Colors


The Bijar rug designs usually include sapphire to midnight blue in the field, a large-scale repeating pattern of arabesques, and blooming vines across it’s center with a ribbon-like repeat in the main boundary. This highlights the overall aesthetic of the rug and invokes the richness the Bijar rug's color palette. These hues can range from soft to emerald greens to a full range of blues, yellows, rich red, or even deep terracotta.

Weaving Techniques


Cotton warps and weft, as well as woolen dens, are used for weaving carpet. Turkish warp and weaving techniques are symbolic— they normally feature symmetrical knots and weft weaving techniques, a popular practice in Bijar. The highlight of a Bijar is its intricate, bold designs. Outstanding artistry, craftsmanship, and exceptional material are what make a Bijar carpet world renowned. They are also notable for their heavy wool groundwork. With each knot put by the weaver, there is a level of certain panache and subtlety that goes into it that is absolutely irreplaceable.

Available Sizes

The best thing about Bijar carpets is their flexibility when it comes to size. The scope of a Bijar rug varies enormously—it is incredibly easy to find both a small or large rug. The sizes of these rugs scale from 5 x 12 feet to 10 x 15 feet and above. The fame, status, endurance, durability, and materials all add up to making a long lasting work of art that defines Bijar rugs as some of the best carpets in the world.

Bijar rugs for sale