Heriz rugs are Persian rugs that originated from the area of Heris— a town in northwest Iran. Rugs like the Heriz are manufactured in villages and, once ready for sale and trade, adopt the village’s name as their label. These particular carpets are tough and long-lasting— they are guaranteed to last for generations.

Materials and Texture


Persian Heriz Rug Persian Heriz Rug


The materials within Heriz rugs utilize cotton or wool for its weft and warp. Soft wool is used when it comes to forging the foundation of Heriz carpets. Most of these carpets are woven with either a cotton or woolen warp causing the rugs to be extremely sturdy. The long lasting durability of Heriz rugs highlights their thorough beauty, causing them to last several generations among a single family. Some Heriz rugs are woven with silk rather than wool; however, this craft was only produced for a short period of time making them a rarer find.

Design and Color

Persian Heriz Rug

The Heriz carpet can be seen as a sort of “antique”. You can find the history and the feel of the age-old aesthetic in the Heriz through their design style and color. The typical signature style of a Heriz consists of a large medallion filled with lanky leaves and shrubbery which project a bold and captivating motif. Older Heriz rugs tend to be roomier in design. Modern Heriz rugs woven in the last 60 years are instead more compactly designed. The weavers of Heriz rugs are considered to be the masters of vegetable dyeing, giving a Heriz a one of a kind tone of color. These colors mesh together to create a visual treat and result in a gorgeous handmade oriental rug.

Heriz and Interior Design


Persian Heriz Rug

The hard-wearing and long-lasting qualities are what make these beautiful oriental rugs famous and popular within modern interiors. When it comes to home design, Heriz carpets are adored for their flexibility. Their beauty lies in the geometric patterns, warm colors, and artistic originality that bring out the inner aesthetically beauty of a home setting. Heriz rugs possess a richness of color and strength in their design which makes them a common choice for commercial settings. Heriz Persian rugs are an excellent investment choice not only because of their artistic individuality and enduring appeal, but also for their timeless beauty.

Available Sizes

Only a few Heriz rugs are in the traditional rug size of 7 by 10 feet. The smallest common size for Antique Persian Heriz Rugs is considered to be 8 by 11 feet. You can also find large Heriz rugs up to 15 x 24 feet. Whatever the size may be, it’s easy to see a Heriz carries a certain flair to themselves no matter what their dimension is.

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