The Khal Mohammadi rug is another fine selection among the many Oriental and Persian rugs on the market. With its name seeped in history and heritage, the Khal Mohammadi pairs a unique composition with an incredibly interesting approach towards design. 

History behind the Khal Mohammadi Rugs

Khal Mohammadi rugs are considered to be exceptional in a few ways. Unlike other rugs, the Khal Mohammadi aren’t named after their place of origin; in-fact, their name derives from the legendary icon that created this magnificent design. In actuality, Khal Mohammad is an Ersari Turkmen who is known for as an innovative rug producer and master dyer from Northern Afghanistan. Khal Mohammadi rugs created this design while he stayed in Afghanistan. Most of these rugs made today are woven around the town of Kunduz, located north of Afghanistan. They are skillfully handcrafted by the Turkomans and in some areas of Pakistan as well.

Materials and Texture

Khal Mohammadi rugs are considered to be both sturdy and long-lasting. They are made of 100% wool and are famous for their workmanship, excellence, and striking finish. "Khal Mohammadi" refers to a line of excellent quality Afghan rugs that share the same basic traits regarding weave, tint, material quality, and motif. Today, Khal Mohammadi rugs are woven by various weavers in Afghanistan and on the border of Pakistan.

Weaving Techniques

Khal Mohammadis represent some of the best present day Afghan weaving. The Khal Mohammadi rugs look very attractive and generally have short piles. Working with natural dyes Khal Mohammed has expertly created attractive Afghan rugs with excellent wool and beautiful color.

Designs and Patterns

These particular kinds of rugs tend to be very warm and give off a homely feel. Dark blue, black and deep red undertones are used for the coloring and detail work. One of the fun facts about this particular carpet is that Khal Mohammadi himself developed the red tones found in the carpets. The rug features a varied pattern that usually posses a repeated column of elephant prints that are adapted from the Turkmen heritage. The primary background colors used for these rugs are dark red but in different shades often followed with a curvilinear floral pattern in dark blue, ochre and beige.

Available Sizes

Khal Mohammadi Carpets can be found in standard sizes such as 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 8 x 11 and come in various styles, two of the most common one being Tribal and Abstract. Khal Mohammadi’s normally range from small to mid-size though large rugs can be found. They are absolutely perfect in any setting, especially for the modern home or office, and are considered to be the designer’s choice for home decoration as it brings out the boldness of the interior’s aesthetic.