Another popular member of the Persian rug family, Mashad carpets have been in circulation for quite some time. Demand for them has risen over the years as people have come to appreciate their gentle wool, thorough designs, and winding colors. Sturdy, one of a kind, and genuine in their craft, the Mashad are another fine selection among the many Persian rugs on the market.


History of the Mashad Rugs


Mashad Rug


From all the rugs we've talked about, those that originate from Iran are normally of a supreme quality--the Mashad is no different. Originating in Khorasand, Iran, Mashad rugs gain their namesake from the carpet weaving center Mashad. Mashad has been known to churn out nearly all of the fine rugs of Iran. The center has a reputation for creating some of the best items on the market. Mahad rugs are easily identifiable design due to their pronounced traits. In turn, their designs have made them a highly sought after item.


Materials and Texture


Mashad Rug


Mashad rugs have a special approach in terms of their materials. While many rugs on the market are made with either cotton or wool, Mashad rugs are crafted with both. The Mashad are weaved with a cotton foundation, followed by a wool pile. This action gives the rug a distinctive texture--one that is soft and cozy, yet sturdy and durable.


Weaving Techniques


Mashad Rug


The weave from a Mashad rug is exceptional in both knots per square inch (KPSI) and structure. For its knots, the Mashad normally has 120 KPSI to 475 KPSI. Remember: the higher the KPSI, the higher the quality of the rug. Likewise, the Mashad's structure is generally sizable, though they do exist in other measurements. What really stands out among these two facets is the end result. Through this unique weaving technique, the foundation of the rug is given two tiers that is brought about by going through two different wefts. 


Design and Patterns


Mashad Rug


Overall, Mashad are similar to Kashan rugs, though there are still noticeable differences. For instance, Mashad rugs primarily consist of ivory, red and blue. Coupled with these hues are designs of pendants and medallions that entwine the carpet's entirety. Overall, the rug is bold throughout, from its dyes to its defined motifs.


Available Sizes


The Mashad, as mentioned earlier, normally come in larger sizes, yet this can vary. The most common measurements for a Mashad rug are 6 x 9, 8 x 10, and 9 x 12. The Mashad are a fantastic edition to any purchaser's living space. The emblazoned colors and graft of Mashad rugs will add that zest any and all are seeking for their home. Check out our Mashad rugs for sale.