A prolific rug market to begin with, Tabriz has its namesake spread across history. For centuries, high quality Persian carpets have found their home within the city of Tabriz. As time has passed, the city has come to adopt its own style, its own brand of carpet that have consistently been a popular item across the world: the Tabriz rug.


History of the Tabriz Rug


Tabriz Persian Rug


The namesake of the Tabriz is adopted from its place of origin: Tabriz, Iran. A fine selection among the Persian carpet brand, the Tabriz has been a consistently popular and high quality item on the market. The Tabriz and its style has been in conception since the 12th century--one of the oldest eras of origin for a Persian rug. Ancestry is a word inherent to all Oriental and Persian rugs, but the Tabriz especially holds a thorough antiquity behind itself. 


Materials and Texture


Tabriz Persian Rug


Originating from one of the biggest carpet centers in the world, the Tabriz can sport a myriad of forms and associated materials. You will always find a Tabriz as a comfortable, warm and fine addition to your living space. The details it houses are articulated through its fine usage of wool, cotton, and even the occasional silk.


Weaving Techniques


Tabriz Persian Rug


The Tabriz sport an incredibly tight weave. The knot count in a Tabriz is constantly consistent, giving it a draw that's difficult to reciprocate. Each knot is woven again and again until the rug's base is tightly maintained. 


Design and Patterns


Tabriz Persian Rug


Floral is the most common theme you'll find in a Tabriz. However, the approach a Tabriz takes toward the Floral motif is quite interesting. Rather than simply having its entirely adorned in random Floral designs, each one acts as a "branch" of a tree. Aside from this unique approach, you'll otherwise find the Tabriz decorated with a medallion. This medallion either acts as an all encompassing centerpiece, of a design housing other designs inside of it.


Available Sizes


Because of the Tabriz's versatility, it can come in variety of shapes and sizes. Not only can you find a Tabriz in smaller to large sizes, but also in variations of Round and Runner. The Tabriz can fit into any interior you're seeking to decorate. Check out our Tabriz rugs for sale.