Carpets and rugs enrich a house with beauty, adornment, and a sense of finishing. A furnished house may look quite incomplete without the wholesome warm touch of a rug. When buying rugs, Oriental and Persian rugs are the best possible choice for purchase. If you are looking for a distinct rug that will leave your visitors with something to talk about, Lilihan rugs are one type of Persian rug you need to consider. With its rich history and gorgeous vibrancy, a Lilihan rug will light up your room with a newfound vigor.


History behind Lilihan Rugs

Lilihan Persian Rug

Lilihan Persian rugs were woven in the village of Lilihan situated in the south of Arak province in Iran by Persian Armenians. These antiques may have surfaced even before the 16th century, but they weren’t visible to the Western market until the Shah Abbas period where they were introduced to the foreign markets. Becoming exposed to the larger world aided weavers in obtaining both a reliable source of income and proper veneration for their craft.


Materials and Texture

Lilihan Persian Rug
The materials used in the Lilihan rugs are commonly cotton or wool. The wrap is always made of cotton giving it a smooth foundation whilst the weft can alternate between cotton and wool. The wools used were high-quality course wool, giving the rug a genuine plush feel.
These antique Lilihan rugs are quite thick and heavy paired with a durable texture. The design gives off a one of a kind aesthetic appeal. They have a smooth and plush finishing across their top side.

Color and Designs


Lilihan Persian Rug

The most common color used in the Lilihan rug is a pink-rose foundation; however, sometimes red and brown can also be found among them. The designs in these rugs are made with different color threads to highlight the patterns used. A variety of colors can be seen, including yellow, gold, ivory, and sometimes even blue or other traditional colors.

The designs visible in these carpets are densely worked geometric patterns and traditional floral designs. The pink in the weft defines these designs and creates a distinct visual appearance.

Weaving Techniques


Lilihan Persian Rug

Lilihan rugs are constructed with a single weft, keeping the them quite simple yet sophisticated. They were hand knotted and flat woven with a Hamadan weave that possesses asymmetrical knots of Turkish inheritance. The knot count can vary from a hundred to fifty knots per square inch. As always, the higher the knot count per square inch goes up, the higher the quality of the rug.

Available Sizes

These are commonly found as Persian area rugs. Antique Lilihan rugs are medium sized, starting from 4 x 6 feet and 8 x 10 feet. However, a large variety of sizes is produced for the sale of Lilihan rugs. Check out our Lilihan rugs for sale.