Each and every Oriental or Persian rug inherits their traits from the surrounding environment and culture of their birth. From the Kashan of Kashan, Iran, to the Oushak of Istanbul, Turkey, each and every rug has a story behind its origin. The Peshawar rug is no different, with its origins seeped in the West--the birthplace of Oriental and Persian rugs far and wide. Like all Oriental rugs, the Peshawar retains a unique composition through and through, standing as one of the most popular rugs on the market since their original conception.


History of the Peshawar Rugs


Peshawar Rug


A commonality among both Persian and Oriental rugs is their stories of origin drawing from some type of royalty. Both subjects of rugs have always been venerated for their supreme, unparalleled, and antiquity based style. The Peshawar is no different, whose roots draw from the 16th century Moghul empire. Gaining its namesake from the city of Peshawar, Pakistan, the Peshawar rug was created from the efforts of royalty and their hired weavers. Workshops were set up by the empire's royalty in hopes of manifesting a unique style. Their efforts were successful, birthing the Peshawar which stood out among the many different types of Oriental and Persian rugs being born throughout the 16th century onward.

Time has drawn on, and the Peshawar's legacy has continued. When Pakistan gained its independence in the 20th century, the rug industry fully entered the outside world. Weavers and their products grew further and further in popularity, spiralling the already popular Peshawar rug into the spotlight for all to enjoy. 


Materials and Texture

Peshawar Rug

Peshawar rugs sport a wool pile and cotton weft. On occasion, weavers will include silk in the carpet's constitution to give it further level of luxury. Silk was primarily utilized when the weavers wanted to draw out the rug's designs further. The materials used to generate Peshawar rugs have remained virtually the same since the rug's creation. Some variations in the types of wool, such as local, have occurred to provide diversity in the Peshawar's texture. Since their first manifestation, Peshawar rugs have always resembled antiques regardless of their age or date formed. Whether they're new or old, these rugs have such an original outfit that they're garnered as treasured antiquities in any and all formats.


Weaving Techniques

Peshawar Rug

Like all Oriental rugs, the Peshawar are completely hand-knotted using wool and sometimes other materials (such as silk). To get into the more technical side of things, the crafting of a Peshawar includes the usage of a Persian weave. The final product can take upwards of ten months to a full year depending on the knots per square inch. Furthermore, Peshawar rugs comes in an array of shapes and sizes, causing their knot per square inch count to vary. Despite this, Peshawars are seen as popular commodities and purchases--thus, their knot count is always high and their quality is likewise pristine.


Designs and Patterns

Peshawar Rug

A common trait among both Oriental and Persian rugs are their intricate, thematic designs. The Peshawar is no different, yet its usage of detail is unique. The Peshawar normally sports medallions and floral patterns--however, what differentiates it from the rest is its smart usage of open space. Rather than overcrowding the rug's surface area with too many tightly packed designs, the Peshawar opts for an approach that allows each design and pattern to stand out from one another.

Peshawar rugs mix a number of colors through their naturally dyed forms. Red, blue, orange, brown, and green are the most common colors normally found in their numbers. These colors are brought about by vegetable dyes, pushing the point further that these pieces are genuine, authentic, original, and made with love.


Available Sizes


Due to the Peshawar rug's high demand across the market, their versatility in size is another piece of importance towards their popularity. Small, medium, and large, with specific sizes ranging from 3 x 5 to 8 x 10, the Peshawar is distinct and original across all imaginable fronts. If you're seeking a piece with a thorough amount of history and originality behind its craft, look no further than the Peshawar. Check out our Peshawar rugs for sale.