Sarouk rugs are another fine selection among the Persian rug market. A prized possession that finds its origins stapled in Iran, the Sarouk are incredibly striking pieces that sport a cotton foundation and unique, well balanced colors. Among the carpets originating from Iran, the Sarouk is regarded as one of the highest quality items from the area.


History of the Sarouk Rug


Sarouk Rug


The Sarouk find their origins staples in the Arak weaving district of Iran. Arak is regarded as one of Iran's main carpet production centers. In regards to their legacy, the Sarouk have existed for upwards of 175 years. Their attractive traits and features establish a constant theme of originality within the rugs. As the Sarouk entered the market, they became a largely sought after item for both interior designers and aristocrats. Since their first forging, Sarouk rugs have been a brand of rug that have remained extremely consistent in their leading quality.


Materials and Texture


Sarouk Rug


Instead of wool, cotton is the common material used within all Sarouk rugs. Sporting a cotton foundation and blue wefts give the Sarouk a light texture that is hard to reciprocate. Over this foundation is a thick pile that, in turn, produces a compact one of a kind carpet. Furthermore, the rug's thick and overall light tone combine into a comfortable piece that has a smooth outer layer.


Weaving Techniques


Sarouk Rug


Since the Sarouk are Persian rugs, they retain the usual symmetrical Persian knotting. However, there are some cases where Sarouk rugs will utilize asymmetrical Turkish knots. The knotting technique is always utilized to produce a large rug within the Sarouk family. 


Design and Patterns


Sarouk Rug


Hexagon, diamond, oval shaped, or angular medallions are the primary motif found in Sarouk rugs. These designs are emblazoned by the Sarouk's predominant colors of red, green, ivory, light blue, and a darker orange. Edging around these motifs is either a toned red or yellow. Among all these colors is one that stands out among the rest: salmon pink.


Available Sizes


Sarouk rugs are normally found in 3 x 5, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and 9 x 12. The purpose behind their sizing is offering a genuine, true centerpiece for whatever environment it's decorating. The rug's colors and pronounced designs cause the Sarouk to stand out regardless of wherever it's adorned. If you're seeking a flashy antiquity that retains a thoroughness in quality, Sarouk Persian rugs are the perfect choice for you. Check out our Sarouk rugs for sale.