Anthony Armenio

Welcome back to another entry in Fine Rug Collection's blog! This week we're going into further depth concerning the design of Oriental rugs. Each style of rug has their own influences, from their color, to their size, to their very craft. Aside from the specifics of color and size, we have yet to go over an important facet that is intrinsic to all Oriental rugs: their design.

Design is an extremely prevalent trait when it comes to a rug's layout. While color offers the rug a part of its tone, the designs the color is evoked upon are how that tone is fully fleshed out. An Oriental rug is never an item with a simple layout--even styles such as the Nepali, basic in their design, are still aesthetically pleasing. Oriental rugs don't need to be thoroughly detailed to be considered an "Oriental rug". Most of the time, people seem to associate Oriental rugs with emphasized motifs like medallions, a common trait among the brand. While this is, again, a commonly displayed feature, it is not what "makes" an Oriental rug.

Oriental rugs maintain and possess their namesake for a primary reason: originality and deep in presentation, regardless of the format. These rugs are constantly one of a kind, with each never mimicking another style since each type maintains their own form and disposition. Rich designs, simple designs, a mix of both thorough and lax designs--the spectrum Oriental rugs can cover are many in number with none of them ever lacking in quality.

You're likely wondering, "Well, with all this being said, what exactly are these array of motifs and designs?". Oriental rugs have such a varied selection regarding their layout that you're guaranteed which design would fit best in whatever living space you're seeking to decorate. Here's a list of the motifs you can find in an Oriental rug:


  • Floral

    • Animals

      • Rugs with Animal Motifs: Hamadan, Agra
        • Elephants
        • People
        • Horses
        • Camels
        • Dogs (on occasion)
        • Rabbits
        • Deer
      • Geometric

        • Rugs with Geometric Motifs: Virtually every Oriental rug in some form possesses Geometric shapes. It's one of the intrinsic qualities across the board concerning Oriental rugs. Serapi rugs are a popular brand sporting these motifs.
          • Medallions
          • Diamonds
          • Linear Designs (lines)
          • Squares
          • Curves
          • Several shapes formed together into a larger shape
        • "Open Field"

          • Rugs with an "Open Field" Motif: Kilim, Kazak, Oushak, Peshawar, Baluch, Agra, Hamadan, Bukhara, Herati
            • IE, open area of designs
            • Design covering "all over" the rug
          • Solid

            • Rugs with a Solid Motif: Kilim, Gabbeh, Overdye, Nepali
              • Simple pattern maintaining a "solid" standard format
            • Modern

              • Rugs with a Modern Motif: Nepali, Oushak, Gabbeh, Kilim, Sari
                • Less antiquity designs in favor of modern motifs
                • Ordinary yet deep in appearance (color, etchings, layout)

              As you can see, your options aren't limited in the slightest. All of the designs listed and found within Oriental rugs are inspired through several different avenues--history, stories, legends, and inspirations seen in day to day life. As time has gone on, these traits have become baked into the artistry of Oriental rugs, giving each and every one their own distinctness and touch. Like all other aspects involving an Oriental rug, the layered designs are customization personified. At your disposal is a number of options across the different styles of Oriental rugs. Though this array of choice is both in-depth and rigorous, understanding what styles each of these motifs can fall under is key in tailoring your living space for what you're seeking. Let's look at some hands on examples of each motif to figure out the selection best for you:




              Floral Oriental Oushak Rug

              A Floral Oushak Oriental Rug




              Animal Oriental Rug Design




              Kashan Oriental Rug
              A Geometric Kazak Oriental Rug

              Open Field

              Open Field Peshawar Rug
               An Open Field Peshawar Rug


              Solid Gabbeh Rug
                A Solid Gabbeh Oriental Rug



              Nepali Rug for Sale

              A Modern Nepali Oriental Rug


              Each of the above designs has its own presentation. If there's one conclusion to draw outside of their varied appearances, it's that no two Oriental rugs will every look the same. The options at your disposal for how you want to flavor up your household is many in number. Maybe you're seeking a light Oushak that sports floral patterns to match with the minute details of your bedroom. Maybe you're looking for that solid colored rug that simply blends with the existing dark tones of your living room. Maybe you're pursuing that a heavily Geometric piece that acts as the centerfold of your guest room to "wow" any person staying there.

              The selections at your disposal have no limit. We hope this in-depth look into the finer details of Oriental rugs has aided you in informing you about your purchase and interest in these wonderful products.

              As always, cheers, and until next time!