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So often have we placed the spotlight on the grandeur of heavily designed Oriental rugs. The Heriz, Serapi, Kazak--these are but a few popular names among the thoroughly detailed. On the other side of this spectrum is a selection that does the exact opposite of detail. What I'm talking about are "Simple" Oriental rugs--rugs that take a modern, straightforward approach rather than something exuberant. The word "simple" might detract you from purchasing one of these fine pieces, but they're anything else. Rather, "Simple" Oriental rugs provide exactly what you would expect from a detailed Oriental carpet--a unique, one of a kind approach that can liven up any living space.


"Simple": Solid and Modern


The "Simple" design is, as you would guess, rather simple. "Simple" Oriental rugs take on an approach that finds flashiness in tact. The biggest draw toward an Oriental rug is their original, rustic presentation. Some assume that since most Oriental carpets display broad, expansive designs, every single one holds this quality. On the contrary, this is not the necessary display of "Simple" Oriental rugs.

The point of these rugs is to offer a different approach among a product that already does an immense amount to differentiate itself. It also goes to prove something important: something doesn't need to be over-the-top or magnificently featured to find its place in your home. Take a stark, straightforward avenue can do just as much, if not more, depending on the environment it's filling.

There are specific types of Oriental rugs that provide the "Simple" aesthetic. Rather than several different styles, there are two: Solid, and Modern. 




Sari Solid Oriental Rug

Solid Sari Oriental Rug


For Solid, the name actually tells a bit about what to expect concerning the rug's design. The rug presents a "solid" state--something that's simple and relies on a heavy amount of dye for its presentation. This isn't to say that a Solid Oriental rug has only one form or color. Solid Oriental rugs can either have a standard one set color, one color in different shades, or a myriad of colors like any detailed Oriental rug. The rug tailors back designs for a more colorful and bold approach that can emblazon or mesh with any room it adorns. 

Here are the labels where you can find the Solid Oriental rug format:

  • Gabbeh
  • Sari
  • Kilim
  • Overdyed



Nepali Modern Oriental Rug

Modern Gabbeh Oriental Rug


For Modern, the approach is slightly similar to Solid, but with some stark differences. Modern rugs utilize the same Solid format while also equipping itself with motifs. These designs can be floral, tribal, any theme that normally exist in an Oriental rug, but with a different approach--rather than several different designs across the rug's surface area, it features the same design in a repeating format. This combines both the simplistic approach of the Solid Oriental while likewise incorporating elements of a standard Oriental. The end result is something that's unique across both fronts.

Furthermore, Modern Oriental rugs come in several different pre-existing styles. You can find the Modern style under the following criteria:

  • Gabbeh
  • Nepali
  • Oushak
  • Overdyed


Our Selection


We have both Solid and Modern Oriental rugs in stock for your choosing. These carpets are beauties in your own right that continue to revolutionize the Oriental rug market. Whether it's Solid or Modern, these "Simple" joys can find their place in your home today.

We hope you've enjoyed another entry in our blog. As always, cheers, and Happy Holidays everyone!