Large Mahal Area Rug 10'1 x 13'9

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It’s hard to not notice the Mahal in any room it decorates. The Mahal is the definition of a centerpiece, sporting varying designs, an assortment of colors, and a rich texture throughout its composition. The Mahal carpet first arrived on the market in the early 19th century. Their origin is from the city of Mahallat of the Arak region. They stand out among the many differing brands of rugs, and should be considered for any person looking to purchase their first Oriental carpet.

As for our stock, the Mahal stands as a popular item and, in turn, we have several on display for your buying needs. The Mahal have been an incredibly sought after piece since their first emergence on the market. Due to their weave and approach toward appearance, Mahal rugs normally come in 9 x 12 and 10 x 14 sizes. These larger sizes reflect the Mahal’s primary purpose: to grab the eye of any and all who enter a space that it is adorning.

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