Anthony Armenio

Welcome back to another entry in our "In Perspective" series! Back in February, we took the time to highlight the ways an Oriental rug can blossom in a bedroom. The bedroom, after all, is one of the many versatile areas of the household. From the living room, kitchen and bedroom, where you place your Oriental rug is entirely up to you. Today, we're continuing this trend of touching upon the areas of the house with a room that one might not expect to necessarily decorate: the bathroom. 


 Luxury Above All


The bathroom is an area of versatility. This is normally where you both start and end your day. After all, every morning you wake up, freshen with a relaxing shower, brush your teeth, lather on some perfume or cologne, etc. By the end of the day you're rinsing off, taking out contacts, splashing water on your face or brushing your teeth. Each person has their own daily ritual, but the usual routine follows this sort of pattern for everyone.

The point is you spend a solid amount of time in the bathroom. For any living space that's a regular part of your day to day life, the vibe they give off is extremely important. After all, most of your days outside of work or errands are spent evenly split between each of these spaces. The bathroom is one such, where its such an integral part of your life that you spend the first moments of every morning and the final minutes of every night here.


The Vibe of an Oriental Rug in the Bathroom


A fine detail we've pushed in a number of our Interior Design pieces pertains to the vibe of your home. Personally, if I were surrounded for years by the same colored walls, floor, decorations and anything else of the sort, I might go mad. Change can tend to be something feared but is often welcomed, bringing a resounding impact on whatever its effecting. The interior design space is no different, and the services an Oriental rug offers is a perfect example of this feat.


Courtesy of Sophia from Arkansas


Checkout this example courtesy of our customer Sophia. Her bathroom has a lot to offer--a colorful shower curtain, white floral that match perfectly with the lighter tone of the bathroom, and then all paired with a deep red Oriental rug at the foot of the counter. This is a perfect example of mixing both contrast and sync. Certain aspects of the bathroom sync with each other, for example the floral and lighter tones, then are offset by darker items such as the counter, rug and tile. Overall, a versatile presentation is forged that is welcoming and exciting for any usage of your bathroom. 


Further Insight


After all, when it comes to the bathroom, the idea of relaxation comes to mind. This is a personal area--where you make all your preparations for the day and enter it with a positive, refreshed mindset from the day prior. If there's one thing you've picked up on in terms of Oriental rugs after all this time, it's that they're the epitome of a lush, flexible, relaxing item to add to the home. That's exactly why they're a perfect choice for the bathroom.


 Courtesy of Sheila from Florida


Look above. Observe how this rug fills in the rest of this luxurious setting. Notice how the red mesh with the hues of the flowers on the counter. The lighting adds a perfect touch as it reflects of the beautiful tile floor, counter-top and tub. Imagine your feet settling into the rug's soft exterior, its fibers massaging the soles of your feet every time you mentally ready yourself for the day.

From an aesthetic standpoint to one of comfort, an Oriental rug offers it all in any home space. The bathroom is no different as presented above. We're happy to inform you on such an avenue to take with decorating your home. As always, cheers, and we'll see you next time!