Anthony Armenio

We're here with another entry in our "In Perspective" blog series! Earlier this week we dove into the bathroom, highlighting some of the beneficial effects an Oriental rug can offer. Prior to this, we delved into how the bedroom can likewise benefit from such an item being added to its grandeur. In this entry we'll be covering the next area of the home on our list: the Dining Room. 

We're going to keep this post to the point and grounded. Our last two entries dove deep into the positives an Oriental rug provides for each room that was being specifically highlighted in that post. We don't need to throw the same descriptions at you--we're rather layout the specific comforts an Oriental rug can offer the dining room.

That being said, let's explore the offerings an Oriental rug brings to the table in a dining room setting.


Functionality and Scope


Oriental Rug in Dining Room

Courtesy of Lisa from Los Angeles


The dining room is vastly different than either the bedroom or bathroom. While these two other outlets sometimes have guests entering their premises, nothing stands out like the dining room. This is typically the area your guests, whether they be friend, family or acquaintance, are invited for showmanship. When we say "showmanship", we mean regular gatherings in an environment that's meant to make visitors, new and old, feel comfortable and enthralled.

The dining room has many functions. The most common aspect of the dining room is its usage every day. Whether it's in the morning, afternoon or evening, family oriented dinners are commonly held here. The likely case is primarily evenings due to you and/or your partners work schedules, along with your kids being in school. That being said, everyone has a busy day and constantly wants to come home to a fantastic meal, handmade or ordered.


A Classy Affair


Oriental Rug in Dining Room

Courtesy of Nancy from Pennsylvania


Being surrounded by an environment that both invites and excites you is a key factor in the dining room. It doesn't necessarily have to be flashy, but it should be unique. It doesn't necessarily have to be decorated, but it should have an identity. And that isn't just an identity for yourself or your family to associate with it--this rolls into the perceptions of any house guest that comes into your home. 

Wouldn't it be a spectacle for your house guests to come to your home wearing smiles and exerting hearty laughter every gathering at your home? What about your family? Simply visualize the looks of contentment on all their faces.


An Invitation to Luxury


Oriental Rug in Dining Room

Courtesy of Sophia from Arkansas


And that's exactly what will happen once you add an Oriental rug to your dining room. You know as well as us everything it has to offer. Vibrancy, zest, originality, versatility, customization--the sky is the limit. No matter the setup either, whether you have a white or brown or any other color of dining room table, an Oriental rug can sync or contrast perfectly with it. The same goes for the walls and decor--the sky is the literal and legitimate limit.

Consider this: see the people you care about happy is ravishing, no? It's one of the best feelings out there, whether it's toward your family or your closest friends. That is the service an Oriental rug provides for your interior.

No matter the form your Oriental rug takes, it'll be the perfect new addition to your dining room. We hope you've enjoyed another entry in our "In Perspective" pieces. As always, cheers, and until next time!