Anthony Armenio

Last week we started talking about underutilized rugs. The first feature in this two part series was the Round rug--style of handmade carpet that maintains a circular shape rather than rectangular. This week we're highlighting another style of rug that changes up the usual carpet formula: Long runners.


A Unique, Flexible Approach


The name "Long runner" might seem confusing at first as to what pertains to its composition. The purpose of the title Long runner is due to what exactly the carpet presents--a standard Oriental carpet presentation that "runs" rather than maintaining the normal rectangular shape. A Long runner does display itself in a rectangular fashion, but all of its structure goes toward a longer display instead of one that's proportional. In allowing itself to "run", it offers a similar flexibility to the Round rug. A Long runner draws across a length, giving it the "long" acronym in its title.

Long runners maintain the same luxury of a normal Oriental rug while offering a unique approach that allows you to display that magnificence into an area you wouldn't normally be able to. Instead of being constrained to placing your rug in a living room, or office, or guest room or bedroom, you're able to place it in a hallway, or bathroom, or any of the above mentioned rooms in a unique manner. Round rugs and Long runners are each meant to allow the incredible presentation of an Oriental rug for any room in your household. 


Available Styles


Customer Long Runner


You're likely wondering what styles the Long runner now comes in. Like what we did for Round rugs, we're providing a list of every style of Oriental rug we have that can come in a Long runner format:

Like the Round rug, a Long runner can be found in popular styles such as the Oushak, Peshawar, Tabriz and Hamadan. Their presentation follows the same as any of these styles: muted colors, flavorful and detailed designs, etc. The difference though, as stated above for all Long runners, is that it runs down a long length rather than a complete rectangular surface area. 

The revolving basis of a Long runner is, again, to allow Oriental rugs to fill any and all spaces in a home. If there's one resounding point shared between a Round rug and a Long runner is to allow this fantastic luxury in any area you could possibly want it to.


Flexible, Flexible, Flexible


We've constantly discussed the adaptable nature of Oriental rugs. Long runners and Round rugs alike take it a step further but giving the Oriental rug's small or sprawling sizes an extra level of flexibility. Many think that Oriental carpets come in a standard form of presentation, so we wanted to take this opportunity to inform you, our customers, on two styles that might just be the perfect fit for you. If you've been considering adding an Oriental rug to your household but none of the standard sizes will fit or work, you should definitely look into the narrow fit of the Long runner.

As always, cheers and until next time!