Anthony Armenio

Quite frequently we've spoken about the specific brands and styles of Oriental carpets. Persian rugs, Indian rugs, then their specific forms such as Kazak, Kilim, Oushak, Heriz--each and every incarnation of an Oriental rug that exists on the market. Outside of specific brands or styles exists an entirely other spectrum--one we've covered previously, but not in a specific format. The spectrum I'm talking about is size and its important role in choosing your Oriental carpet. However, when it comes to Oriental rugs, size possesses other layers that likewise roll into the style of a rug. This week we wanted to start a shorter blog series that highlights the diverse choices among an Oriental rug's shapes rather than sizes, style or type. One such "shape" I'm talking about is a type of carpet we've grazed over sporadically: Round Oriental rugs


Unique among the Unique


Peshawar Round rug


Think of a Round Oriental rug as a carpet that takes its own approach to presentation much like Peshawar, Serapi, or any other style. The Round Oriental's disposition is as its name implies: round. Outside of this, a Round Oriental doesn't have any specific motifs. Several different types of carpets can fall under the Round category, allowing the Round Oriental to sport several different cultures and designs.

When purchasing a Round Oriental, it's important to understand the aspects of the rug's composition. Obviously, the carpet is round--nonetheless, there's more to it than just that. The rug's size can vary from small to medium sizes, yet nothing cover a tremendous surface area like some Oriental carpets. Instead, Round Orientals have one primary purpose: providing the luxury and originality of an average Oriental rug while offering a different approach in both shape and size. Rather than acting as a piece that covers the entirety of a living space, Round Orientals cover a specific area to act as an optional centerpiece or "touch-up". In other words, like any standard Oriental rug a Round rug can contrast or balance our a room based on its colors, size, and overall aesthetic.


Our Selection, Your Choices


You're likely wondering what styles of rugs can come in the robust Round format. Here's a list of Round rugs that we have in across our selection:

Among this list are some of our most popular brands, the Oushak, Peshawar and Tabriz for example. Being able to come in a Round format allows these sought after items to embody a robust flexibility.


A Genuine Diversity


Round Rug Example

You don't need an Oriental rug to cover a massive amount of area--you can have your rug cover a small portion of your living space to allow for further decorations. Due to a Round rugs adaptability, you can place it as a centerpiece, or an entrance mat for your guests to witness when they first step foot into your home. You could place it in a hallway, or bathroom, or as the perfect touchup to foot of your bedroom's wardrobe. 

A Round Oriental is meant to versatile. A rug that doesn't fall into the spotlight nearly enough, if you're looking for an different approach--a unique choice among a unique brand--then a Round Oriental would be the perfect fit for you.

As always, cheers, and until next time!