Anthony Armenio

Vintage. The word itself rolls off the tongue with a nostalgic tone. The term Vintage hearkens back to a delicacy much like Oriental rugs--Wine. Wine, after all, is an item stapled in antiquity. As time rolls on, wine magnifies in both quality and value. This growth bakes itself into the taste, the makeup, the very fibers of the wine's construction. 

The aspects that act as a fine wine's staple likewise apply to a Persian rug's makeup. As time naturally flows, so does the quality of a Persian rug. The fibers, dyes, weave and weft adopt an unbelievable sheen the longer they've been in circulation. To become vintage is to have patience above all else. By allowing for the natural passage of time, a Persian rug will become just like a fine wine. 

Today, we're taking a gander into some of the baseline qualities of a Vintage Persian rug. We're going to offer some hands on examples that stand among our thorough collection of Oriental and Persian rugs. Without further adieu, welcome to the world of Vintage Persian rugs.



Kashan Vintage Rug

6'5 x 9'5 Antique Kashan Rug


The Persian Kashan rug is a classic. After all, there has to be a reason as to why the Kashan has been subject to the spotlight in so many past blog posts. If you're looking for a popular, robust Persian rug, the Kashan could be the perfect choice for you. 

The above example is one such classic among our thorough selection. When a Kashan comes into your possession, grandeur is instantly equipped into any area it equips. Bold line-work is paired with incomparable shades of red, blue and beige that draw forth from a magnificent centered medallion. 

The design you're witnessing above is one of tradition. Tradition relates to vintage in its primary meaning: age. A tradition isn't something forged overnight; no, tradition is founded after generation after generation. The Kashan has been around since the 17th century, and many carpets from its first craft continue in circulation to this day. Because of this and the inherent trait of Oriental or Persian rugs growing in value as time wears on, the Kashan is a highly sought after item in the vintage department. 




Mashad Vintage Rug

8'6 x 12' Mashad Persian Rug 


The Mashad Persian rug is a piece we haven't touched upon much in each week's blog post. However, just because the Mashad isn't a commonly talked about doesn't mean we should detract from its importance nor allure.

Like the Kashan, the Mashad prides itself on a bustling appearance. Heavy dyes, a smart usage of color, a medallion centerpiece, and not a single inch of open space unused. On the Mashad you'll find a strong sense of floral motifs paired with an inherently natural attractiveness. The powerful presentation that the Mashad pushes forth can fit into any home with minimal effort.

A Mashad Persian rug draws from the same trait the gives the Kashan its vintage value: tradition. Since the early days of Iran's carpet weaving prowess, the Mashad has remained an object of generational esteem. As time has gone on, these rugs have continued in circulation as a prized possession for anyone seeking a touch of splendor for their home. Whether its a centerpiece for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room, the Mashad can find itself as the apple of your guests' eyes no matter what. 




 5'2 x 9'11 Persian Hamadan Rug


For the diversity Persian rugs boast, the Hamadan still manages to stand out. Three attributes apply to the Hamadan that provide its veneration: bright, smart, pristine. The Hamadan rug has been an especially popular choice among Persian rugs since ages past. Grafted during the Persia Empire's reign, the Hamadan has been utilized as a way to accent one's refined tastes.

The Hamadan rug's approach is something of wonder. While the Mashad and Kashan employ deep tones of red or blue to embolden the rug's overall presentation, the Hamadan uses its exact opposite to do the same. Instead of filling every single pocket of the carpet's surface with motifs, the Hamadan fills only certain areas with its design in an even spread. Paired with this presentation are bright hues such as rich reds to offer a lighter effect. 




3'5 x 5'8 Baluch Rug


 Last but certainly not least in another Persian carpet that doesn't receive enough of the spotlight: the Baluch. Baluch rugs are a thing of wonder in presentation. The final result for any Baluch is an original piece that personifies everything it means to be "vintage".

For the Hamadan, the Mashad and Kashan, their ever present traits revolve around a similar approach: unique dyes and design around a medallion. That isn't to downplay their elegance in the slightest--that's simply their choice in approach for presentation. As for the Baluch, there is no medallion, and if there is, it's in its own format. 

Instead, what you'll find on a Baluch is a simplistic design that offers depth unlike anything else. A Baluch is covered in bold line-work and repeated designs that accent its surface area through and through. This action of repetition is similar to that of tradition and has kept the Baluch as a treasured item for centuries. Dark tones pair with the Baluch's course line-work, offering a carpet that's depth expands every time you witness its glory.  


We hope you've enjoyed this gander into the machinations of Vintage Persian rugs! They're a fine, underrated selection across the expansive world of Oriental and Persian carpets, and we hope this post has curbed your interest in adding one to your family. As always, cheers, and see you next time!