Anthony Armenio

Laying your head down in the same room every single night can become monotonous. Not just at night, but any time you spend in this room could become stale. This area is something that you've constantly called yours--it's your personal space, whether it's in an apartment, a household, or something in between. Regardless, there are many ways to spruce up your bedroom. Maybe a new poster; maybe rearranging your furniture; maybe putting your bed on a different side of the room. Whatever your thoughts on the subject, there's several different avenues you can take.

One of the options at your disposal, as you've probably guessed, is an Oriental rug. Magnificent, affordable, luxurious and flexible, these pieces can fit into anywhere they're placed. However, if there's one area we can name that can especially mesh with an Oriental rug, we'd have to say the bedroom.

The bedroom is a highly versatile area of the home. Whether you share it between yourself, a husband, a wife or any kind of significant other, you have a stake in this room. Your bedroom differs from the other areas of the house such as the living room or dining room. While the house itself is your space, the bedroom is where you rest almost every single night. Other sections of the house you spend certain amounts of time in, but the bedroom is in a constant state of usage. Every morning you wake up in this space. Every night you lay your head down and fall asleep in this space. Let's explore the exact reasons why an Oriental rug would fit comfortably into your bedroom:




Oriental Rug in Bedroom

Courtesy of Margot from Ohio

Colorful, Medium Sized Oriental Rug


A bedroom can come in many shapes and sizes. It can be a smaller set with not much "stretching" room, or it can be a spacious abode that can fit a plethora of decor. For an Oriental rug, the size of your bedroom is inconsequential when it comes to your choices.


Bedroom Rug Diagram


Why? The answer to this is simple: an Oriental rug has no definitive size. Oriental rugs can be anywhere from a smaller 3x5 to a large 10x14. Not only this, but they don't only come in a standard rectangular format. Oriental rugs can likewise come in the form of Runners or Round. 


Bedroom Rug Diagram


No matter the space available in your bedroom, an Oriental rug can fit right in without a problem. If you're seeking something that'll cover every inch of your floor, not a problem. If you're craving just a smaller piece to add to a bountiful selection of existing decor, not a problem. Your options are only limited by your imagination.





Persian Rug in Bedroom

Courtesy of Nancy from Florida

Lightly Hued, Spacious Oriental Rug


Considering how thorough your options are when it comes to an Oriental rug's sizes, you'd think the same would apply to other aspects of the rug as well. Well, you're in luck! The flexibility of an Oriental rug isn't purely tethered to its measurements. An Oriental rug's allure comes from its customization options. As we said, you can find an Oriental across a whole spectrum of sizes. You can also find an Oriental rug soaked in a myriad of different colors and dyes. It doesn't stop there--each Oriental rug has a personal approach to design, motifs and style. On the topic of style, there a vast number of styles you can find an Oriental rug under the label of. This doesn't only apply to Oriental rugs--Persian and Indian rugs, along with other types that span the Eastern world. 


Bedroom Rug Diagram


This flexibility allows you to decorate your bedroom in any capacity. Do you have dark brown walls and a room that doesn't have much furniture? A vibrant Kashan could be the best possible fit the give it some extra "umph". The bottom line is this: the options at your disposal are not restricted to one singular aspect. Size, color, composition, design--they're all choices at your fingertips.





Oriental Rug in Bedroom

Courtesy of Nancy from Florida

Vibrant, Small Kazak Rug


Vibrant is a term we just tossed around when describing an Oriental rug's flexibility. The reason for using this word is because it's extremely applicable to Oriental rugs. For an Oriental rug, every part of their composition is handmade and handcrafted. The designs and colors accented across their figure have been formed over a month by month labor intensive process. Because of this, no matter if the rug has lighter or darker hues it is able to embody the term "vibrant".

Knowing this, imagine such an artistic beauty sitting in your bedroom. Every morning you wake up to your lightly toned walls, furniture and bedspread. When you set foot on the floor you feel a soft warmth that grows in familiarity every time you do so. You look down and see a sprawling magnificence that sits just at the side of your mattress, but holsters its own portion of your hearth that feels both welcoming and alluring.


The whole household is an extension of personal expression. We hope this look into the applicable nature of an Oriental rug has been educational!

As always, cheers, and see you next time!