Anthony Armenio

Over and over we've touched upon how an Oriental or Persian rug can be a perfect item for any Interior designer. Whether it's professional, amateur or somewhere in-between, these carpets are meant to flourish and spruce up any setting. We've talked so much about elements such as Sync or Contrast, along with how certain settings can mesh with the large variety at your disposal. This week we're diving a bit deeper into the Interior Design world to show you what popular trends can harmonize with these carpets.




Fireplace and an Oriental rug

Courtesy of Nancy from Pennsylvania: Persian Heriz Rug 


A rustic outlet you can find in most homes. Fireplaces are can be seen as an older addition in, likewise, older homes. Fireplaces have always been seen as a hallmark of hearth and warmth not only in the service they provide, but also in their presentation.

A fireplace can be an underrated element of Interior Design. Most people view them for their intended purpose, yet in the current day and age they possess a niche in terms of design. A fireplace promotes similar qualities to that of an Oriental rug, 


"Dialed Back" Living Room


Living Room with Oriental Rug

Courtesy of Raj and Meghan from Massachusetts: Pakistan Kazak


These types of presentations may seem to be the exact opposite of "modern", but they are trendy. In today's world, technology is ever present. Everyone owns something technological, and more times than not it's constantly present in their lives. That being said, returning a room to withdrawn roots lacking technology, or limiting the presence of it, can be a fantastic choice in terms of design.

An Oriental rug can be the finishing touch you need to flesh out this theme. Emboldened designs, flashy--or muted--colors, and an incomparable presentation can add a zesty touch to a now "dialed back" interior. If you're seeking a trendy approach, this could be right up your alley. 


Marble Accents


Marble and an Oriental Rug

Courtesy of Steven from California: Runner For Kitchen


Marble is a gorgeous material that can be applied to any home in a number of ways. Whether it's your floors or your walls, the presence evoked by Marble is like that of an Oriental rug: luxury and beauty. Marble can be an expensive addition to any home, but the aesthetic qualities that it provides are incomparable. When paired with an Oriental rug, the word "trendy" can't even fully describe the unparalleled magnificence your home will embody. 


Dining Room


Dining Room with an Oriental Rug

Courtesy of Sophia from Arkansas: Heriz Rug


And what about the dining room? After all, the living room isn't the only customizable area in your household. The dining room is similar to the living room in its purpose for presentation: to add a touch of splendor in an area you commonly spend time in. For the living room, you relax or spend time with family and guests. For the dining room, you eat, cook and likewise spend time with family and guests. 

Utilize this purpose and pair it with an Oriental rug. "Fanciful" dining rooms are wonderful eye candy for yourself and anyone visiting your home--they're a modern trend because they're normally so well put together. Taking the time to design your Dining Room and equipping it with an Oriental rug would create a glorious display for everyone. 




Floral Motifs on an Oriental Rug

Courtesy of Joyce from Florida: Large Oushak


We'll keep this one straight to the point since they relate heavily to Oriental rugs: floral designs are trendy. Whether it's wallpaper, pillows, blankets or whatever else comes to mind, floral motifs are a fashionable statement for an Interior. The best part with this thematic presentation is that floral motifs are common in Oriental rugs. That isn't to say every Oriental or Persian rug displays some type of floral--it's a type of design you can find in a multitude of styles. Fusing a mix of floral designs in an Oriental rug with wallpaper that does just the same will establish a great look you can be proud of.

These are only a few modern trends among popular decor that deserve your attention. Always remember, though: you don't need what's trendy to have a gorgeous living space. Interior Design will have trends that rotate in and out in a never ending cycle. You don't have to conform to provide yourself with a household design that you're proud of.

We hope you enjoyed this look into popular trends in the Interior Design world! As always, cheers and until next time!