Anthony Armenio

Oriental rugs are forged with pristine care and a finesse for originality. We've gone over the individual parts the makeup an Oriental rug's quality many a time. The knot by knot construction; the spinning of the rug's weft, warp and pile; the dyeing process; the several months it can take for the entire weave to be finished. This procedure is drawn out to not only provide an incredibly diverse product that both looks great and lasts.

The matter of being durable speaks for itself. You're given an item that lasts and will have your guests or your family inspired by its presence in any occasion. After all, every aspect of an Oriental rug plays into one another like an intricate system. The final product has been crafted with love, high skill and a completely original approach.

But that's only half the importance behind a product like an Oriental rug lasting the test of the time.

Let's give you some perspective before explaining further.


Story Time


So you've had this sprawling, magnificent rug in your living room since your childhood. Time passes, and as it does so does the events of your life. You're not a kid anymore--you're an adult getting ready to move into your own place and take the next steps in your story. As you pack up your things and prepare, your parents hand you that sprawling, magnificent piece in your living room. You find out this carpet started with your grandmother, who then passed it to your mother, and now, as you move into the bigger, broader world, it's yours.

Questions spring up across the echoes of your mind. What exactly is the significance behind this unique creation? Where did it come from? Why is it so important to your family? Why has it always drawn your eye whenever you've spent mornings, days and nights in your home?

That's the effect of an Oriental rug. We can only do so much to explain the splendor behind these beauties--we can only use so many avenues of description to give you an idea of their grandeur. The real value in an Oriental rug exceeds the standard expectations of a carpet. From their handmade aspects to unique designs, the whole composition of an Oriental rug composes something that exceeds physical value: tradition. 

 "Generation after Generation"


Dog Oriental Rug


Tradition is the largest overarching quality you can find in an Oriental rug. This tradition comes from several avenues: the rug's traditional way of craft, the rug's traditional designs, the rug's traditional weave, the rug's traditional home, and, most importantly, the rug's ability to be passed down.

Most of the aspects listed play a major role in the rug's craft. From concept to finish, every element in play pertaining to an Oriental rug is inspired by a long lineage of tradition. To take this even further, each of these moving parts play into a bigger role: passing down your Oriental rug.

We previously mentioned an Oriental rug is meant to last. That obviously doesn't just play into its durability--the very mores that are inherent to the rug's craft play a thorough role in both its ability to last. This enduring quality is the backbone of an Oriental rug's tradition

So, what exactly is this tradition we keep touching upon? Well, to bring every point home, let's put it this way:

An Oriental rug is, again, built to last. The rug is able to maintain its luxury for not a simple few years--the rug won't degrade for centuries. It holsters the same presentation, same quality for decades on end. The same designs, dyes, weave retain themselves; they even increase in value as they become more rustic and an antiquity.

This approach allows the whole notion of "generation to generation" to come to pass. The rug lasts and gains further value over time. They are meant to be passed down, not kept in one single home and then boxed up.


Part of the Family


Oriental Rug+Family


An Oriental rug becomes a part of the family. You grow up with it; your family thrives around it; memories are created and established in its presence; and, during this whole time, it's there--ever present, ever constant. Nostalgia and feelings of the past are hinged onto its existence in your life. This is the unspoken, hidden value behind an Oriental rug. It's not just the luxury it brings, or the magnificence it can add to any household; no, it's the memories it shares with you and your family from generation to generation.

As always, cheers, and until next time!