Anthony Armenio

If there was a single intrinsic aspect to describe an Oriental rug, it would be family. You may think that family and an Oriental rug don’t necessarily have much in common, yet on the contrary they share a plethora of intrinsic properties. Family has certain inherent traits such as history, tradition, foundation, and memory. When one thinks of family, nostalgic feelings of love and upbringing take form. The smell of your mother’s cooking; the layout of your bedroom; the rug decorating your grandparents’ living room—family takes a multitude of forms. Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned veteran, an Oriental rug isn’t a simple purchase; no, it’s gaining an addition to your family. An Oriental rug will last generation after generation, either resting in the background or adorned for veneration. To purchase one of these pristine antiques is to usher in an heirloom that will endure far past a lifetime.

The bottom line is that you’re interested in purchasing an Oriental rug— carrying out the steps in forging your own fine rug collection. Acquiring an Oriental rug is an exciting and incredible experience. Every Oriental rug has its own style, story, history, and originality seeped into every fiber of its crafting—it is a literal piece of art. However, having such a plethora of choices can make your purchase a daunting decision. With so many fantastic options at your disposal, how are you supposed to find the rug that is best for you?

When considering your purchase, ponder the following:

  • Am I buying this rug for myself?
  • Am I purchasing this rug for my family?
  • Am I looking to put the finishing touches on a living space?
    • Office?
    • Hallway?
    • Dining Room?
    • Living Room?
  • Am I looking to purchase one large rug, or a smaller house piece?
  • What colors am I seeking in my rug?
  • Am I interested in a certain pattern of design? If so, what exactly?
  • What style of hand-made rug am I seeking?
  • Why am I purchasing an Oriental Rug?

These may seem like rather broad questions, but their shared scope toward your purchase is incredibly important. Oriental rugs are not a simple ornament—they’re an antique that will last you generations. Though your purchase may initially seem like a straightforward and simple addition to your household, the emotional connection forged with these carpets is one of a kind. Your purchase may not stand out immediately, but as time passes your rug will go from a household item to a member of your family. Each rug has a story to be told—one that has had an influence on every aspect of its construction. For example, did you know each different style of Oriental rug is named after its village of origination? The wealth of history and knowledge attached to these locales steeped in tradition is near unfathomable.

Your first Oriental rug should be one to remember. The flexibility and number of choices are your disposal are many in number. Never rush into a purchase such as this—make sure you know exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

With these questions and information in mind, you’re prepared to pursue your Oriental rug purchase—ready to start, or continue, your own fine rug collection. And, if any other disparities pop up as you’re considering this fantastic decision, we here at Fine Rug Collection are more than ready to provide the means of aid purchasing your first, or second, or one of several Oriental rugs.

We’re happy to introduce ourselves to you and let you know we understand where you’re coming from. We believe transparency and offering any form of aid toward our consumers are of the utmost importance pertaining to our business practices. We sincerely hope this post has prepared your mindset for your decision to obtain an Oriental rug. As this blog develops, you’ll find further buyer’s guides, advice on fitting an Oriental rug into your living space, and a plethora of other topics.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first peek and entry into our blog posts, along with our philosophies here at Fine Rug Collection. Cheers, and until next time!