Anthony Armenio

Here at Fine Rug Collection, we try to place ourselves in our customer’s shoes. In doing so, we understand the thought process behind purchasing a fine Persian and Oriental rug. Our goal with this week’s blog post is to provide further aid in ascertaining whatever rug is best for you. So, before you consider color, or style, or taste or design, there’s one aspect that comes before all else when considering your Persian rug purchase: size.


Spectrum: Oriental Rug Sizes 


Oriental rugs come in a plethora of shapes and sizes—from small to large, lengthy to petite, the amount of flexibility within a rug is rigorous. A Persian rug’s measurements can range anywhere from 2 x 4 feet to 10 x 14 feet. The specific sizes available encompass the following ranges:
Within one or two feet of this spectrum are three other types of rugs that are lengthier and marginally disproportionate in surface area: Long Runners, Wide Runners, and Round rugs. Long Runners draw across a large distance, yet lack width; Wide Runners are similar to Long Runners, yet possess more width than length; Round rugs go as their name implies, embodying a round, even spread shape.


Rug Size and Your Household


Understanding the scope of sizes that comprise Persian rugs is incredibly important toward your purchase—to know the array of dimensions at your disposal allows you to plan accordingly and not accidentally purchase a rug that is either too big or too small. With the full assortment of sizes laid out, the next step is to figure out what room you’re hoping to adorn your selection:
  • Are you looking for a hallway piece?
  • Are you seeking that finishing touch for your living room?
  • Are you pursuing an opportunity to liven up your dining room or guest room?


Your choice of room goes hand in hand with the size of a rug’s importance. A rug too small may not cover the surface area you envisioned for your living room. A rug too large may not fit in the capacity you had hoped for in your bedroom. To provide you with hands on examples to aid your purchase, take a look at our customer’s selections decorated in their very own households:


Customer Selection #1:

Round Peshawar


Courtesy of our customer Robert from Texas
Here we have a 8 x 8 Round Peshawar. As you can see, the rug is medium in size and fills the buyer’s dining area quite well. Bringing this point further, the beige dye and darker designs balance with the hardwood floor, table, and light toned walls.
The dining area can vary in size in the usual household, giving the buyer an abundance of options when seeking a rug to fit such a setting. The sizes for a dining room adorned rug can range anywhere from small to large—it is entirely dependent on the area you have available and the amount of space you’re looking garnish.


Customer Selection #2:

Large Oushak


Courtesy of our customer Ceyhan from Illinois
A large Oushak purchase that fills most of the buyer’s living space. While the Round Peshawar covered a specific area of that buyer’s dining area, this 10 x 14 Oushak covers about two-thirds of the above buyer’s living room. The living room in a household is normally one of the biggest, if not the largest, areas within someone’s household. The usual go-to for such a setting, if the area available is up to par, should be large— anywhere from the 8 x 10 to 10 x 14 range. Much like the Round Peshawar, the light hues of beige mesh incredibly well within this area’s overall design and bright setting.


Customer Selection #3:

Oushak Long Runner


Courtesy of our customer Sheila from Florida
Another Oushak purchase, this time a Long Runner, that stands on the lengthy side of the size spectrum in terms of surface area. This Oushak’s measurements fall into the 3 x 9 range—the size is a perfect fit, occupying a cozy spot by the spacious bathroom’s counter-top. Unlike the lighter colored rugs above, this Long Runner holds a dark red hue. Despite this, it balances well with the floral decorations and setting’s color palette.
A Long Runner can fit settings outside of the bathroom as well, ranging from a hallway, to an entryway, to a counter-top such as above. The key to filling an area with a Long Runner is ensuring it has enough room to be venerated and shine.


 Your Purchase Matters


We stress the following once again because we care about your purchase: vital to know what size you are interested in for your household. The room the rug will occupy and the space available are especially essential to ensure you buy the rug best for yourself. We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the process of buying a pristine Persian rug, and we sincerely hope this post has aided your pursuit for your optimal rug.

Cheers, and until next time!