Anthony Armenio

Welcome back to another entry in Fine Rug Collection’s blog! Last week, we informed you on the importance of an Oriental rug’s size—how to fit it into your household, how to consider it before all else, and how each of the many different available sizes could fit into your living space. With the full comprehension of size under your belt, it’s time to move onto another aspect that will influence your purchase: color.

Have you ever wondered how to draw out the latent potential within your favorite room? If size can be labeled as the framework, then color can be seen as the key. No matter the subject matter, color is present in everything. Ranging from the absence of color (black) to an amalgamation of its every form (white), color comes in various appearances. The walls of your house coated in a light blue; the hardwood floor of your kitchen having its brown, tan hues evoked by light; the tint your red curtains reflect as the sun paints against its structure—color is present across an incredible number of avenues. However, these listed nuances may be something only a seasoned interior designer would notice. Here at Fine Rug Collection, we hope to aid you in not only finding the perfect sized rug, but also the most aesthetically pleasing piece to spruce up your living space.

Before we explain the design-driven uses of color within your household, let’s lay out your available options in color:

Your choices aren’t constrained to a few limited options—rather, a plethora of distinct colors and variating shades are at your disposal. These labels aren’t the end of your choices either. Across each of these colors are shades and hues that offer both lighter and darker tones.  The flexibility an Oriental rug provides in terms of color will be sure to give you that furnished touch you’re seeking in your household.

With a full understanding of your potential selections, it’s time to decide what color is best for you. Much like size, choosing the color of your rug isn’t necessarily an easy task. Across the spectrum of color, each is more present in certain styles of rugs. Kashan, Oushak, Peshawar—these are only some of the countless Oriental rugs in existence. All Oriental rugs have their own distinct sizes, designs, influences, and, topically, color. In turn, each and every Oriental rug possesses its own aesthetic and style that cause no two rugs to ever look the same.

To further aid you in your purchase, here are a few customer purchases to provide you with hands on examples of how an Oriental rug’s array of colors can inspire to your living space:


Example #1:

Red Kashan


Courtesy of our customer Janis from Maryland

A large red Kashan rug acting as the center piece of a living room. Here we have an abundance of color present throughout this area. The carpet radiates a mixed sheen of red, blue, yellow, and orange that aesthetically meld with the room's white walls and dark toned furniture. The room's decor, such as the white and blue couch at the bottom right of the photo, cause the rug's colors to "pop" due to their similar navy hues. With the room's colors being rather tame, it gives the opportunity for a piece of decor to act as its flashy centerpiece; in this case, that centerpiece being the above Kashan rug. 


Example #2:

Beige and Blue Kashan


Courtesy of our customer Terry from Connecticut

Another large Kashan, though this carpet possesses a dual contrast of light and dark within this bedroom. While the previous example of a primarily red Kashan rug had a deep, dark tone, this Kashan works from the outside in, transitioning from a white beige trim to a blue inner tint. The carpet's colors, much like the red Kashan above, act as a flashy finish for the otherwise straightforward bedroom. The navy walls, light blue sheets, and overall balanced setting gain an extra highlight through the inky rug.


Example #3:

White Oushak


Courtesy of our customer Christoph from Pennsylvania

Our final example is a beige Oushak that spans over the majority of our consumer's office. Unlike the previous two carpets, this rug maintains a white composition with varying degrees of lighter colors such as blue and red. This bright Oushak supplies an equilibrium of color that's grounded by the office's darker walls, furniture, and setting. 

These three examples, each different than the last, offer a contrast that only an Oriental rug can bestow: a flashy touch toward any environment that still delivers stability regardless of the setting. This balance is brought forth through each rug's colors that cover tinges across a wide range. When seeking a rug, look for what color will kindle and ignite the finishing touch upon your living space. Consider the paint of your walls, the tone of the furniture it'll be accompanying, and the overall vibe of the room. If you're seeking to fill an area that's already decorated, an Oriental rug is absolutely what you need to give your household that little extra zest.

We hope you enjoyed this week's blog post concerning color. As always, your purchase matters an incredible amount to us, and any aid we're able to throw your way makes us, and hopefully you, happy.

Cheers, and until next time!